Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect - UM Masters Meeting on July 31st, 2013

From the time I walked into my first meeting a few years back to just this past one, the support and fun atmosphere I felt from the members has never wavered.  Their genuine care in helping members grow into better speakers, including myself has been done in degrees I would not have achieved on my own. 
Today, Bev as our toastmaster has shared with us the key.  She reminded us that in order to achieve something, it often entails the well known saying, “Practice Makes Perfect.”  During the introductions, people talked about practicing patience with children and pets, practicing their favourite hobbies and practicing to speak in toastmasters. 

Following the introductions, we had to speeches to listen to today.  It started with a very special guest Jenny Gates on her speech on “Nothing”.  It was an inspirational story which we all hope she has a chance to share with everyone on the next contest stage.

Dianne also gave a speech on “Be Open to Opportunity” encouraging us to expand our horizons and say yes to a new opportunity. 

Everything tied up so neatly with the theme of the day, and it was a wonderful theme for me to take away as I myself head out to a new opportunity.  The success in the things you do, the goals we set up for ourselves, all can be reached when we practice.

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