Thursday, July 11, 2013

U.M. Masters July 10th meeting

There may have been a small number of people who attended, but there were many interesting and exciting moments during this week’s meeting.  This week’s Toastmaster was Dianne, and the theme this week was “Be open to opportunities”.  Maybe it was the lack of members, but it seemed that at least two people listened, because both Randy and Nicole (the writer of this post) took on roles that they had never done before. The roles they took on were Speech evaluator (Randy) and Table Topics Evaluator (Nicole).  

This week’s speaker, Charith, also took advantage of an opportunity in that he took the opportunity to do his last speech in the Competent Communicator manual. Congratulations, Charith!   His extensive speech on Moral Values definitely gave everyone a lot to think about.
Our Table Topics Master this week was Laura, and she definitely picked a very creative way of picking speech topics. The idea of having Table topics speakers pick an object out of a bag and talk about it for a minute to two minutes was very unique.  Danielle and Zenon, this week’s table topics speakers, were definitely faced with a challenge when it came time to talk about their respective “object”.  While there were more vacancies than filled positions when everyone arrived, we somehow managed to fill the necessary positions to go through with the meeting and I hope we will improve on that in the weeks to come.   I hope we can all remember to be open to opportunities in our everyday life.

Written by Nicole Milani

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