Wednesday, January 14, 2015

UM Masters Meeting 14th January 2015 - Age is only a number

Today we had a great meeting! As Toastmaster I chose the theme “Age is only a number” I chose this theme as January is a busy birthday month in our family and I always reflect on years gone by, our accomplishments and goals, as our opportunity it illimitable..
Abi graciously accepted to be our Grammarian, our word was limitable which is quite a mouthful, however most of us were able to use it in introductions and Colin did a great job of sneaking that work into his humour, which he volunteered to do. Very cute story about his little boy.
Charith’s presented to the group How to take a photograph, it was very interesting and his audience didn’t even notice that he went over time, all of us take pictures these days, and his tips on how to take a good photo were well received!
Mouna described the benefits of Table Topics clearly before she approached her audience, as well Mouna explained the timing. She called on Agnes and Githani to come up and reflect upon their youth. Kudos to them both for approaching the podium with confidence!
In announcements it was noted that our Training for club officers is Jan. 21 and 31 and all officers were encouraged to let our President Charith know when they could attend. As well the Junior Speech contest is February 4th and Cathy will chair that contest with the help of June.
Have a wonderful week and remember no matter our age we are all capable of great things!
Blog by Catherine Plouffe
VP - Membership
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