Wednesday, April 30, 2014

UM Masters Meeting - “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes” - 30th April 2014

Today I had a lot of fun being Toastmaster. Our theme was

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes”

Nicole did an excellent job of being Grammarian; our word of the day “Substantial”

Many of us talked about the substantial amount of mistakes we’ve made throughout our lives and how we choose to deal with them.

I loved Bev’s interpretation of FAIL


So very true!

Ali completed Speech #4 – he captivated his audience with a personal story and then proceeded to explain that we are in control of our reactions.  Charith evaluated Ali’s and reported that he was confident and had  a great speaking pace. Great job Ali!!

Randy chaired an insightful Table Topics as he asked Charith to reflect and share a time where he made a mistake and how he learned from it.  Charith had a complete “mini” speech with an opening, body and conclusion which engaged his audience.
Dianne was asked to share how she deals with her mistakes and I personally loved Dianne’s response; a little Hawaiian anecdote that she promises to email to us as well as a forgiveness prayer.

Everyone did a great job, we can all learn from our mistakes so don’t be afraid to make them!

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