Thursday, October 17, 2013

UM Masters Meeting– October 16, 2013

How would you define optimism?

Having a positive outlook? Making a deliberate choice? Choosing an attitude of gratitude? These were some of the ways members and guests described optimism - the theme of the October 16th UM Masters meeting. 

The word of the day “amicable” fit the theme and was both well used and demonstrated by members and guests during the introductions.

Bev Doern gave a persuasive presentation on the Person’s Act and why we should be Standing Proud this week. She shared the impact the Famous Five made for Canadian women 84 years ago and compared that to the impact Malala Yousafzai is making today in her fight for equality.  Randy in his evaluation shared the club’s appreciation for the history lesson.

Charith led an interesting impromptu speaking session – showing why his evaluator June has labelled him the “King” of Table Topics.  With the possibility of a strike by the professors at the University of Manitoba, Charith asked Selena to play the part of the President’s secretary answering questions on the strike. Pegha was then asked to justify which term would be better for the strike.  The consensus by both speakers was for the university and its professors to come to an amicable agreement.

Danielle as General Evaluator paid our Toastmaster Dianne the ultimate compliment, “Your words on optimism really stuck with me. I wanted to post them as my Face book status!”

This club never fails to be amicable in supporting each other to develop their voices and skill in communication and leadership. We are optimistic that we are creating the world we want to live in!

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If you would like to take part in a UM Masters meeting, we’re located in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba. Our meetings are held every Wednesday from 12:05 –12:50 PM in Room 111 at St. John’s College (which is part of the University of Manitoba).

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Time to be Fascinating - UM Masters Meeting October 02, 2013

Thank you to Bev for a wonderful meeting! “Time to be Fascinating” was our theme and we went around the room during introductions and shared what we found to be fascinating.

Word of the day was ABSORB and I really liked Ashley’s description.  She encouraged us to use the word in our introductions which paired quite nicely with Fascinating as what fascinates us we find absorbing as well!

Randy’s second speech was very well done, his audience remained captivated as he shared how he deals with his OFT disorder. His somber beginning quickly turned to humour as he explained that OFT actually stands for Obsessive Fascination with Technology..hey there’s that Fascinating word again.

Charith escorted us through an energetic Table Topics and asked Myself J and Pegah to explain what we would do if our government shut down for a year! We both had fun with this challenging question and spoke about it for approximately 2 minutes each. Yay us!

Nicole was our General Evaluator and completed her daunting task of evaluating everyone that was not yet evaluated in a positive, thorough manner. Congratulations to Nicole for providing  growth points too!

While Dianne was announcing that next Wednesday is our Humour Speech Contest she cajoled Randy to possibly enter his speech….we didn’t hear a definite no, so it’s probably a yes??

We’ll find out next Wednesday, October 9th when we meet again in room 111 St. John’s College.

Until then have a wonderful week and remember to spend some time outside, enjoy our beautiful fall foliage……. as it really is FASCINATING!