Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello all,

Today we had a “Once in a Lifetime” meeting!

Bev, our Toastmaster, focused on today’s memorable date  12-12-12

Our Grammarian Selena, challenged us to use the word “illuminate”  whenever we had the opportunity to speak.

Charith completed speech #6, titled “You Don’t Know Your Beautiful”,  he was funny and sincere while he talked about inner beauty and the importance of  taking better care of our health.

Deb graciously accepted the role of Table Topics Master and was very bright and cheerful as she illuminated her audience about the benefits of practicing impromptu speaking.

Deb asked her contestants to speak about 12.

Shia did a great job of explaining 2 of her favourite foods and after speaking for over 2 minutes drew a laugh from the crowd by saying “Well that was only 2!”  Shia kept within her time and didn’t talk about 10 others to make that 12 J

June was our other Table Topics contestant and did a great job of summarizing some difficulty she has juggling all the different gifts for her many grandchildren.

Laura and Dianne gave succinct evaluations, and Nicole our timer, has it down to an art!

Remember every time you attend a Toastmasters meeting you are improving your life by challenging yourself to do something that isn’t easy, to those that attended today you can always associate 12-12-12 with strength and courage as you stepped outside your comfort zone.

Way to Go Fellow Toastmasters!!