Monday, March 28, 2016

Tall Tales Contest - March 23

UMMasters held it's Tall Tales contest on Wednesday March 23, with  Pouria Jabari facing off with Agnes Andrew.  Both presenters did an excellent job in their presentation, holding the attention of the audience  from beginning to end.  We were greatly entertained by both speakers.   Congratulations to Pouria  for winning the contest.  
Thanks to Area Director, Wayne Stanton  and Michelle Stanton from St. Amant  Toastmaster Club and all our other guests for attending and making the event an enjoyable one.

The winner of this contest will represent  UMMasters at the  Tall Tales Area contest on   April 8, at St Amant

Please note the Club International Contest will be on.
Date:  Wednesday March 30:
Time:  12 noon
Location: Room  204, St. John's College
University of Manitoba.

Blog by June Laronde