Thursday, August 21, 2014

UM Masters Meeting - 20th August 2014 - Play it by Ear

Today's meeting was excellent. The theme of our meeting was 'Play it by ear'. Our club president extraordinaire, Charith filled in last minute toastmaster and grammarian and did a wonderful job. Our members (Laura, Nicole, Trisha, Amy and Ali) also stepped up and filled in roles which shows the leadership potential of the members of our club. Our speaker was Mohsin who completed project 2 from the communication and leadership manual about how Megastores through deceptive marketing strategies promote gluttony, which is harming society. Laura was the speech evaluator. Amy was our Table Topic Master and the topics were related to our theme of impromptu planning. Our guest Laura stepped-up for one of the table topic sessions and did a great job. We had a round-table General Evaluator session in which everybody suggested ways to enhance our meetings.
Blog by Mohsin Khan

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