Tuesday, October 28, 2014

UM Masters Meeting 22nd October 2014 – TV Shows


Today’s meeting went very well even if there are only a few people who attended the meeting. Moshin did a very good job on his first time as Toastmaster of the Day. He picked the theme TV shows. Everybody shared their thoughts about the theme; some used to watch shows on TV before they were very busy in school, and some are not really fond of watching TV. Our grammarian is Keshab, who selected the word “endurance.” There were a few missing roles for the day but members Keshab, June, Charith, and Abiodun were very happy to fill in these roles.
Dinesh delivered his a speech in his Competent Communicator handbook focusing on visual aids. He presented the topic “Salmon Run” and used great pictures and slides to illustrate the story of salmons going back to their place of birth to breed and reproduce a new generation of salmons. Charith, who is also our time keeper, did a very good job both on evaluating Dinesh’s speech and keeping note of the time.
June filled in the role of Table Topics and picked Heidi and John to talk about topics relating to TV shows and their lives. Both did a great job thinking on their feet and talking about their thoughts on the question. We did not have a General Evaluator so the group went on to do a round table evaluation.
Charith also explained to the group the sandwich method of giving feedback. Anna delivered a very detailed Ah-Counter report. After a few announcements from the club president Charith, June closed the meeting.
All in all, this meeting was a success.
Blog by John Leric Merin
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