Wednesday, November 18, 2015

UM Masters Meeting 18th November 2015 - Activity and Rest

Meeting today November 18, was well attended.  Our Toastmaster was June, who conducted the meeting with a  smooth flow starting and ending on time.  There was good participation by members who took the stage with confidence and skill.  There were two guests in attendance, Laureen and Adam. 
Congratulations to Vinicius who did his Ice Breaker speech Title: Driving your Life.  Vinicious gave a vivid picture of his journey from age 15 to present, decisions made and lessons learnt that has brought him where he is today.  An excellent presentation.  Another thought provoking Table Topics session was given by Pouria where participants were given the opportunity to answer a choice question 1,2 or 3.  Congratulations to our guest Adam who did not hesitate to accept the challege of a table topics question and to Sulaiman who told of how his father became his role model. 
Excellent Evaluations by both Mohsin and Matt, each using the sandwich method, and giving  specific grow points.  Ahn as General Evaluator presented the Gold Star to Vinicious.

Meeting Theme was  Activity and Rest  with the Word of the day being Exasperation  by Solomon. 
All in All  another excellent UM Masters meeting. 

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