Wednesday, February 18, 2015

UM Masters Meeting 18th February 2015 - Hero

UM Toastmasters meeting: The theme of our meeting was Hero (it was changed at the last minute from Valentine's day/Love because we had a similar theme at our last meeting 'connecting with the heart). The world of the day was Venerate, which fit in nicely with our theme because we often venerate our heroes. Our Toastmaster was Mohsin. There were a number of roles that needed to be filled and once again, our TM members (Charith, Maimouna, Agnes, Amy and Nicole) showed great leadership skills and stepped up to fill those roles. Dinesh did a very informative presentation on 'Planning a path to DTM'. Our guest Madushan did a wonderful job as a Table Topic contestant and answered the question 'if he an opportunity to spend a day with his hero, what would he do?'. Overall, our meeting ran bit late but we were able to finish on time, thanks to our members concise presentations into the latter portion of the meeting. 
Blog by Mohsin Khan
VP - Education
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If you would like to take part in a UM Masters meeting, we’re located in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba. Our meetings are held every Wednesday from 12:05 –12:50 PM in Room 115 at St. John’s College (which is part of the University of Manitoba).

If you're in Winnipeg and interested in sitting in on a club meeting to see if Toastmasters is right for you, please feel free to contact Catherine Plouffe at  


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