Wednesday, December 17, 2014

UM Masters Meeting 17th December 2014 - Happy Holidays

The theme of the Dec 17th UM Master Toastmasters meeting was Happy Holidays. Cathy was our Toastmaster for the day and she did a wonderful job of not only hosting the meeting but also organized a mini-holiday party during our meeting. Everybody enjoyed snacking on the cheese, fresh fruit and vegetable trays that were served. We had two speakers for the meeting. Agnes spoke about three steps required to get rid of body fat. Mohsin did his last project from the Competent communications manual, the ice-breaker called life changing moments. After the speech portion of the meeting, we played a shortened version of Table Topic where people wrote 'secrets' about themselves on a piece of paper and put them in a box which was then shuffled. The Table Topic participants picked out the pieces of paper from a box and had 30 seconds to speak about which member of the club they thought the secret belonged to. It was a lot of fun and everybody had a good laugh. Venkat, our district area governor also joined us for our meeting and presented Mohsin with a pin for completing the Competent Communications manual.

Blog by Mohsin Khan
VP - Education

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