Monday, December 9, 2013

UM Masters Toastmasters Meeting- December 4, 2013

Our December 4, meeting was another interesting meeting  with Toastmaster Nicole Moran taking the Stage. Although our group was a small one it did not deter members to having a meeting with enthusiasm, much fun and laughter.  Nicole stood tall at the podium and directed the meeting with confidence and keenness, bridging was smooth.  The meeting was conducted without any struggle. 

It was an exciting Table Topics Session with table topics Master Irina who directed her questions around many personal stories and incidences  from getting stuck in the snow for seven hours to stupid questions from the Manitoba Citizenship exam. Congratulations to Irina for conducting an exciting Table Topics Session.  Zenon, as TT  Evaluator used the sandwich method giving Irina many glow points, with a specific point to grow and ended on a positive note.  Zenon gave a well rounded evaluation.

June gave a speech from the competent communicator manual Titled "Twice in a Life Time".  Members were left with the message  that the only guarantee in life is change. Life is moving very fast and it is of utmost important to take care of oneself in the hope that one is prepared to cope and adjust to the changes that life will bring. Keeping in shape, lots of exercise, diet and health.  It is not just getting to the end of one's life but is important in what condition you get there.  It is never too early to start.  Speech evaluator Irina also used the sandwich method in evaluating June's speech giving many glow points and ended on a positive note.  Irina was reminded it is good practice to always try and  find a point to grow for the speaker.

Overall an enjoyable meeting for all those who attended.

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