Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Toastmasters Winnipeg Club Celebrates The Season!

For those of you who missed the last UM Masters meeting, our local Winnipeg Toastmasters club, this is only a recap of the meet and there is no replacement for being present. Merriment filled the room starting with Mike’s joke “Where does a Penguin do its banking?” He stumped us on this one! “Where” someone asked? “In a snow bank!”

Today our Table Topic Master Dianne Winser dazzled us with her table topic selections and kept our Winnipeg Toastmasters Club on our toes with creative approaches to improv speaking.

Andrea’s Toastmasters theme “Celebrate the Season” fostered hilarious anecdotes for Table Topic Speakers.
Cameron bestowed “Diffident” as Grammarians Word of the Day upon us mere mortals to challenge our depths of spontaneous and creative speaking. Put all these together and mix well with several Table Topic Speakers and “Presto” you have hearty festive soup for all. 

Our group was definitely in the festive spirit today. We each disclosed holiday musings we anticipated at this time of year. 

Notable mentions are: the night I found who’s actually Santa, the year I got the ultimate gift I ever wanted. It was the huge Black Beard Lego Pirate ship with all the gizmos, it had just come out on the shelves that year, it was the best gift ever! 

Great presentations, thank you to all and to all a good night. Don’t forget to share a little joy to those who need a little extra help this holiday.

Try Toastmasters – the proven way to grow your communication and leadership skills.

If you would like to take part in a UM Masters meeting, we’re located in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba. Our meetings are held every Wednesday from 12:05 –12:50 PM in Room 111 at St. John’s College (which is part of the University of Manitoba).

If you're in Winnipeg and interested in sitting in on a club meeting to see if Toastmasters is right for you, please feel free to contact Dianne Winser at

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