Thursday, April 21, 2011

Talking Earth Day in our Winnipeg Toastmasters Club

With Earth Day coming right around the corner, Marija, who was a first time Toastmaster, gave us the theme of Stewardship.  She gave a wonderful, well thought out explanation of this theme and even gave each of the members a chance to describe what stewardship meant to them personally. 

Dianne McCoy gave her speech today about what a three storage house is; painting the story of her grandmother’s past, coming to live in Canada. 

Andrea followed with her session of table topics and following the day’s theme asked questions about our environment. 

Miriam was first to speak. She was asked about whether she ever went to help sandbagging. She explained that while she never did, her daughter went and helped recently and has come out from the experience with great happiness and satisfaction. 

Marc was our second speaker with the question posed about how we can clean up Lake Winnipeg. Using his microbiology background, he explained why the algae are growing in the lake and how waste water treatment will help to reduce such algae blooms in the future. 

As spring continues to show more of itself every day and the flowers begin to sprout from the ground again, it is also time for you to come out! 

You can join us at one of our meetings as a guest and see how Toastmasters can help nurture and bring forth the public speaker in you.

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